Bill Haley

Bill Haley’s Keene connection!

Most people don’t realize it but there’s a connection between Bill Haley and Keene NH.  Bill Haley was the replacement lead singer for a country band, The Down homers who performed in the Keene area in the late 1940’s. Haley was chosen to replace Kenny Roberts, the original lead singer of the Down Homers when Roberts decided to join the Navy. When Kenny Roberts, was discharged from the Navy, Bill Haley was out of a job, so he formed another band and worked for a while as a disc Jockey on WKNE.
To make a long story short Haley eventually left Keene and formed a couple of Bands, one was called the Saddlemen. And then came Bill Haley and his Comets. At this time the music evolved from Country into Rock n Roll.